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Written by Mark Kevin Smith. Not meant to be offensive to women.
Let me first say that a woman’s breasts are the most wonderful and mysterious physical phenomena a women can have.
American culture puts more emphasis on the sexual importance of a woman’s breasts than any other culture. Why are boobs such a sexual object. I will try to explain. And i quote “It starts with the breasts being a source of nourishment for the child, then when the breast is taken away, the child sees the breast as a forbidden object for the child’s growing period. The end result is a distorted view of female breasts.” Blah! Blah! Blah! I call bullshit. Men just love boobs, let me explain.
Women do seem to enjoy the attention, when 301 people polled including 153 women they found that stimulating the breast and nipples enhanced sexual arousement in 82% of women, nearly 60% explicitly asked for it.
Men in America are more than happy to oblige. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, Damn it. I have friends that say “ I don’t care about the size of the boobs I just like a nice ass.” I reply why can’t we have both, really what’s wrong with that. To be completely honest with you, I must say this tactfully. I love big boobies, I love to touch them, squeeze them,etc. For women with small, medium or large breasts, I say they are all beautiful. I believe that women are the most wonderful and exciting creatures god ever created. All i’m saying is that men love boobs of any size and we always will. I haven’t touched the subject of breast implants. All I have to say is, thank you god!
Thank You for reading.