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DON’T READ THIS if you are easily offended or are not over the age of 18.
The Meaning and Uses of the Word Fuck in America. By Mark Kevin Smith.
Google describes fuck as, 1) To have sexual intercourse. 2) Ruin or Damage something. 3) Used as a noun “the fuck” or a verb in various phrases to express Anger, Annoyance, Impatience, Surprise or for Emphasis. The word fuck can be traced back to the 14th & 15th centuries where the word was simply used as another term for fornication. Why is fuck a bad word, I wish I knew, but this article clearly shows that fuck is not a bad word. It is the most underused word in American society today. I suggest you use this word as much as possible such as fuck it, fuck you, fuck off, fuck head, you fucker and my personal favorite motherfucker just to name a few. Using the word fuck will decrease levels of anxiety, depression, stress etc. Hell, I feel fucking better already. When I say fuck, it always comes from the heart. So get off that pedestal motherfuckers and join me in saying fuck whenever the word fuck is needed.
Thank You for Reading.
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