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                                                                              Written By Mark Kevin Smith

 The United States has an extremely high gun homicide rate compared to Canada and other industrialised countries, but we are far from being the most violent country. Here are 5 countries you should know about, according to The World Post.          1) South Africa-31 murders per 100,000. 2) Jamaica-39.3 murders per 100,000. 3) Belize-44.7 murders per 100,000.              4) Venezuela-53.7 murders per 100,000. 5) Honduras-90.4 murders per 100,000. 6) U.S. during last year dropped to 4.2 murders per 100,000. Source: Wikipedia, Kellen Howell (The Washington Post).

    Gun homicide has declined steadily for at least the last ten years. WOW! You think that the government and news agencies would be screaming about this, they have had to know this for years. They seem to want to perpetuate the fear of gun violence, and it’s something to be scared of. We have a lot of gun control already in this country, and they are working. The statistics show that these existing laws have made a difference when enforced. Criminals don’t get their guns at stores, much of the time they buy them off the streets like they can drugs or get them from friends and family in one way or the other. I’ll give you an example. In New York, a person can buy a hand gun off the street for as little as $100.00, as I said, the same as buying drugs, and NY has some very strict firearm laws. Unfortunately it’s the same all over America.

    We have record numbers of legal gun owners as well as conceal carry permits and yet gun violence is down. That should enlighten you a bit. It does me and i’m not even a gun owner. In fact, according to Wikipedia by Kellen Howell (The Washington Times) July 14 2015. “Since 2007, conceal carry permits have soared from 4.6 million to 12.8 million, and murder rates have fallen to 5.6 killing per 100,000 to 4.2 about a 25% drop according to a report from the crime prevention research center”.

    I have personally put a lot of thought in this over the past 30 years, and I keep getting the same answers. If a love one was killed by a gunman, I would hate, loath, despise and wish him dead, but I would not place blame on the instrument used for murder, yes the gun. I wouldn’t blame a car for a fatal auto accident either. I’m sure you heard the term, it wasn’t the food that made me fat it was the spoon. It’s the same damn thing. All i’m saying is that crime is down, while gun ownership is up. That my friends is a fact.

    I haven’t talked about the cowardly and heinous acts of violence that have plagued our country and others. These highly deranged individuals are committing planned and executed acts of domestic terrorism and should be dealt with accordingly. I ask you, if a muslim committed these atrocities on American citizens, would he not be labeled a terrorist. Really, think about it.

    If we actually got to the point where the government legislated that firearms are illegal to own, then the only people with guns would be criminals, law enforcement and the government.

    Our forefathers put the right to bear arms into the second amendment because it is so important that it is only second to things like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press and the Right to Assemble.

    As of Oct. 3 2015, here are some of the death facts from various circumstances. To see the entire list go to romans322.com/daily-death-rate-statistics.php, see all the sources at this addess. sources: cdc.gov, alcoholalert.com, nfpa.org, durc.or.org.

    1) Tobacco = 264,192 deaths. 2) Alcohol = 75,483 deaths. 3) All homicide = 12,680 deaths.  4) Murder by GUN = 8,687 deaths. 5) Texting while DRIVING = 4,521. 6) Shot by police = 834.

    Thank You For Reading