By Mark Kevin Smith
I went to my local convenience store to buy an energy drink, It was early In the morning. When I got to the door and started to go inside, someone behind me started calling me names, like you fuck head. Well that didn’t set well with me, but I thought maybe he has had a bad morning. I didn’t know, so I took a different approach to the situation, and said I apologize sir, and went on to ask him if he was having a bad day, and if their was anything I could do to help. I always try to keep a positive attitude, I never have a bad day, just some are better than others. After I talked to the gentleman nicely and respectfully, he became very nice and thoughtful to me and the other people around him. It may not always work and you do need to be on the defensive as I was, but I just didn’t show it, and you don’t show fear. But as we walked out of the store together we both said good bye and have a wonderful day. A kind positive attitude is everything. It has worked for me many times when the situation could have easily gotten out of control. I’m not saying this is the answer for all situations, but most normal people just need a kind word sometimes. I do have a temper but I have learned how to control it. Have a nice day.
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