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Written by Mark Kevin Smith
When is a man a man. Is it when he works 60 or 70 hours a week. Is it when he has had sex with 40 or 50 women and believes he is a god in bed. Is it the car he drives. Is it the amount of weight he can lift. Is it because he can manipulate, intimidate, hurt people or be a tough guy. Is it because of the friends he uses and believes he gets away with it. Is it the amount of physical pain he can endure. Is it when he uses drugs and alcohol to feel superior. Is it when he abuses his mate and others. Is it the amount of wealth he can accumulate, and a big house to live in.
Or is a man a man, someone that can admit his faults and put other people’s feelings above his own. Is he a man if he only wants what’s best for his loved ones, or is hopelessly in love with one women, and all he wants is for her to be happy for the rest of her life. Is he less of a man for his failures and disappointments in life. Is he still a man if he has deep feelings and is not afraid to show them. Or is a man simply someone that has love, compassion, understanding and has done absolutely the best he can to live his life with dignity and honor.