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I don’t know if it’s because i’m turning a year older soon or if i’m just evaluating my life for no good reason, but I do know that life at almost 59 is as awesome as it can get.

I may not have money but i’m wealthy beyond belief. I have a place to live, a few friends, many have died over the last few years, many of them younger than me, but hell that just makes me want to live even more.

I have two daughters that seem to adore me as I them. My wife is the most unbelievable, courageous and loving women i’ve ever meet. We will not survive well without each other, but someday we’ll have to. That’s for another day, not today. She is my entire reason I have made it through the shit I have, and believe in nothing but goodness, did I say goodness, I meant greatness.

Bad things happen, but never believe they will. It will steal your soul right out from under you. None of us live a perfect life but we don’t have to succumb to imperfection. The thoughts in your head can determine your life’s future.

Just because i’m the wealthiest man on the planet does not mean you can’t compete with me. There’s always a reason to love your life. It can be the simplest thing, like a smell you like or maybe just a color. It can be a thousand little things that you normally don’t even notice. Notice them!

Distance yourself from people that make you sad or feel bad about yourself, they are thriving on your insecurities. Don’t give them fuel.

I know i’m extremely lucky to have my family, but it wasn’t always that way, yet here I am the wealthiest man in America.

Find your reason to love your life. There are hundreds of ways to do it. If you can’t find a reason to love your life then the fault only lies within yourself. You can change that and it’s all free. No charge. Just remember that to love your life you first must love yourself and there are so many ways to do that.

Unfortunately to love yourself is a journey that only you can take. It can take sometime and effort but, and i’m not kidding here, it can be done. I know i’ve done it. I’m living the dream. You can too, just believe that you are capable of loving, even something as small as a flower. That’s a damn good start. It will turn into so much more.

So take that leap of faith and realize you are a wealthy person and always have been.


Written by: Mark Kevin Smith