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Assad the Syrian dictator used chemical weapons 9 times without one response from trump & he even informed the russians of the pending strike therefore assad was told & he evacuated the air base causing this strike to be a 70 million dollar fireworks show. With trump’s approval ratings at historic lows he purported this attack for political reasons only. His new budget & even more devastating new & frightening healthcare act to replace obamacare will undoubtedly result in american deaths & many will be children. He could care less about syrian casualties. Don’t fall for his fake sincerity because there is none. Assad needs to be killed for what he’s done but not by trump whom is under FBI & CIA investigation that will probably result in impeachment & imprisonment for treason. This should be resolved before he harms America further. He has no problem seeing Americans coming home in body bags as long as it furthers his illegal agenda. Syria is a nightmare with many factions fighting for control, it is unwinnable. Trump blocks Syrian war refugees from entering our country but is pretending to care about them now, but still has the same policy. Well I could has summed this article up with a short phrase. “Thanks for the war dickhead”