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You know what? Fuck the hate, I’m done with it. Trump wants the hate to divide our country. United we stand divided we fall..remember that? An America divided is exactly what trump wants & I’m falling for it. So, say it with me “fuck the hate” or words you prefer. I really am, I’m done with it. Hate has to take itself somewhere else because I no longer have it. I won’t allow myself to be controlled like that anymore. By giving into the trump hate, you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by trump, when enough hate exists the divided will fall & trump will win. Don’t allow that to happen. Fuck the hate! I don’t expect this to come easy to anyone, it’s even hard for me, but this change is necessary to overcome trump. I didn’t say complacency. Not at all. And i’ll still get pissed but, fuck the hate. The feeling of that destructive emotion being lifted from my shoulders is an incredible feeling, one that trump does not want you to feel. I’m going to say it one last time. #fuckthehate