Penis Size, and How it Pertains to Women

Written by Mark Kevin Smith

  Written for the man, who almost has everything.

     There’s a huge debate on penis size and women, this article will probably confuse you more. However i will try to explain.

     According to Huffpost Healthy Living, 85% of women are happy with their man’s penis size. However length isn’t the only thing women like, it’s thickness to, but that means that 15% are not happy. We’ll get into that later.

     Home, health and Fitness, by William Stevens, says that a average man’s wiener is about 5.5 to 6.5 inches, but women prefer a dick size of 7 or 8 inch. HOLD ON, wait just a minute if 85% of women are happy with there normal mates then why do they prefer a bigger wong.

     Ok, I have talked to a few women myself, just for research purposes of course, and the consensus is that about 60% of them may be lying. So say we do believe the 85%, HA, oops sorry, that leaves 15% that like bigger dicks, or as i like to call it, the one’s that told the truth.

     Men have always felt that they may have some shortcomings in the penis region. Most men have felt inadequate at times. My advice, do not watch porn those guy’s are fucking freaks, that alone will make you feel something short of a man, or so i’m told.

     Women want a penis 5+inches long and 1.5 inch in diameter. That is long lasting and the owner knows how to use it. However a women has more orgasms normally with a large love stick, due to the fact that it can give her a clitoral and viginal orgasm, sometimes at the same time. (Hold on 5 or less inches, i’ll get to you in a second).

     While women admit they like a purple headed warrior that is 7 inch or bigger. Some smaller petite women find this to big, and worry about internal damage.

     There can be an advantage of smaller members according to Seriba published by chaito_092. Men with smaller sperminators seem to be able to hit the G Spot easier than men with big ones, if they thrust upward, you may be able to find that elusive spot. This type of orgasm was not mentioned earlier in the article, now was it. So Good Luck.

     Women who have one night stands, prefer to have sex with a man with a large love missile, but not in a long term relationships. source: medical daily. Hold On, what the hell, come on women make your mind up here.

      In a unverified, 2012 study claims that most women tend to overestimate the size of their partners magic wand. Hallelujah, that means that my wife actually believes i have 8 inches.

     You may have heard the phrase, I can give you 12 inches, but i will have to fuck you twice. Or my personal favorite. Yes, I have 12 inches but i will have to fold it in half.

     I remember like yesterday, dropping my pants and hearing her say. Who are you going to please with that little thing. I promptly replied, myself. Then there was the time, that I was told, WOW that looks like a penis only smaller, all i said was sticks and stones babe, now get in bed.

     So if you still think you’re dong is too small, do yourself a favor, and fuck her twice and for her sake, give her a damn orgasm. It’s the least you can do!

     Thank You for Reading


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